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Assign folder permissions for delegates

After you've granted delegate access to domains in your account, you can use folders to restrict which domains they can view and manage. Restricting access to specific folders lets you control what your delegates can do with your domains on your behalf.

  1. Meld je aan bij de Domeinportfolio van GoDaddy. (Hulp nodig bij het aanmelden? Zoek je gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord.)
  2. Select the checkbox next to at least one domain.
    screenshot of multiple domains selected
  3. Select Add to Folder from the action menu.
    • Depending on your screen size, you may need to select the More menu and scroll down to see Add to Folder.
  4. From the screenshot of the more options menu icon More options menu, select Manage Folder to view the current permission settings for that folder.
    • Delegates with domain access to your account are automatically assigned Management Access to the All Domains folder, and can access all domains in your account. If you want to restrict which domains they can access, switch the Management Access setting of the All Domains folder to Off, then grant access to other folders.
  5. Switch the status to On or Off for each delegate to grant Management Access and/or Transfer Access to that folder. Each access type allows delegates to complete different domain actions:
    • Delegates with Management Access to a folder can:
      • Update contact info
      • Naamservers bewerken
      • Hostnamen bewerken
      • Doorsturen bewerken
      • Lock or unlock domains
      • Turn auto-renew on or off
      • Subdomeinen beheren
    • Delegates with Transfer Access to a folder can:
      • Transfer domains to another GoDaddy account
      • Transfer domains to another registrar
      • Domeinen verwijderen
      • List domains for sale
  6. Selecteer Opslaan om je wijzigingen uit te voeren.

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