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FAQs for OpenTable Customers

Looking for help in displaying your restaurant menus on your OpenTable profile page? Here are answers to the most common questions from OpenTable customers. Don't know how to turn on your OpenTable menus? See Activating Menus for Your OpenTable Profile.

For more general information about menus, take a look at Creating Get Found Menu or Price List, which applies equally to Get Found and Locu customers.

Note: Get Found customers with a restaurant business can publish to the OpenTable restaurant reservation and review platform only if they are a current paying OpenTable customer.

How Do I Contact Support And What Will I Need?

  • Call the 24/7 Support number in this page's right-hand column.
  • Click the Chat With Usbutton in this page's right-hand column. In the Live Chat window, choose Get Found/Locu under What product do you need help with?, which will direct you to the dedicated product support team.
    Select Get Found (Locu) under What product do you need help with?

To Find Your Restaurant's RID Before Contacting Support

Both OpenTable customers and OpenTable account managers will need to provide the restaurant RID number and business zip code for account validation.

  1. Log in to your account at the OT Restaurant Center.
  2. Once you log in, you'll find your restaurant's RID number in the top right hand corner of your account.
    The RID is displayed in upper right corner of page.

What Should I Do If My Menus Aren't Displaying Properly?

To Fix a Missing Menu Tab

If the Menu tab is missing from your OpenTable listing, contact your GoDaddy account or OpenTable Customer Service at (800) 673-6822 for help activating this tab. OpenTable support simply needs to set an option so that you can display 3rd party menus.

To Fix a Menu Tab That Won't Update or Displays Another Restaurant's Menu

The most common reason for this usually involves the OpenTable RID number and which venue it's associated with. Sometimes our automatic system for preventing duplicates merges two businesses that share the same physical address. Again, contact your GoDaddy account or OpenTable Customer Service at (800) 673-6822 for help.

How Do Free and Paid Get Found (Locu) Accounts Differ?

The advantages of a paid Get Found (Locu) account include:

  • Extend your reach beyond OpenTable customers: Publish your menus and other business information on Google, Bing, Yelp and more than a dozen other publishing partners.
  • The Get Found (Locu) website menu widget includes advanced design features such as the ability to publish photos of menu items, greater customization and more templates to choose from.

Visit our Get Found product page for more about the paid version. Or call the 24/7 Support number at the top of this page.

What's the Relationship Between OpenTable and Get Found (Locu)?

OpenTable (founded in 1998) and Locu (founded in 2012) have always been separate companies. Locu was re-branded as Get Found after being acquired by GoDaddy in September, 2013.

Which Browsers Work With Menu Dashboard & Widget?

These Web browsers support the Get Found (Locu) Menu Dashboard:

  • Google Chrome: v28 and newer
  • Firefox: v22 and newer
  • Safari: v5 and newer
  • Internet Explorer: v9 and newer

    Note: Business still using versions of Internet Explorer older than version 9 will need to update their Web browser before they'll be able to use OpenTable.

These Web browsers support the Get Found (Locu) Menu Widget:

  • Google Chrome: v28 and newer
  • Firefox: v22 and newer
  • Safari: v5 and newer
  • Internet Explorer: v7 and newer

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